Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Pinewood Derby!

 This year was Ethan's first pinewood derby. He was a little so so about it, but once he got going, he loved it. He picked out the design of his car, the Batmobile, and he did all the work, except for the cutting with the saw.
Emma and Jackson liked watching all the cars race. They really liked it after they had a sucker in their mouth!
 Ethan's car was UNDEFEATED! He won all of his heats and won first place over all.
He was so happy!
 Mike helped Ethan so I got a picture of them both!
 Emma and Jackson are pretty happy about Ethan's win.
 Emma got a medal the same week at her dance class so she wanted to show it off


 Jackson tried to stuff most of a cinnamon roll in his mouth.
 Jackson likes to ride his rocking horse along with the Bubble Guppies.
Yoga time!
 We needed to get some wiggles out so we yoga'd.
 We are about to have a yard. Ethan helped a bit with putting the top soil down.
Nap time
 Jackson hardly ever naps, but when he does, it's usually on me or Mike
Princess Emma
All dressed up and singing!

Monday, May 19, 2014

Disneyland 2014

 I guess I should finish posting about our California trip!
Here we are at the gate to Disneyland!
**Some of these pictures are out of order...oops!**
As soon as we walked in the gates, we saw Snow White. The line was short so we jumped in line so Emma could meet her first princess!
 Can't you see the excitement on her face?
Then we saw Mickey. Jackson was so excited. When we got up to him, Jackson put his hands on Mickey's cheeks and just SMILED!
 Pluto was next.
 Forget rides, I was happy seeing my kids' reactions to all the characters we saw.
At lunch we just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Jedi training started right as we were leaving so we stopped when this guy came out!
 For my sake, I had to get my kids' expressions at seeing Darth Vader.
I think he almost wet his pants with excitement
 Doesn't seem to care, but is interested
When Emma and I went to meet the princess, the sign said we were going to meet Aurora, my favorite princess. When we were at the front of the line, she was asked who her favorite princess is, Cinderella.
When it was our turn, we entered the castley place, rounded the first corner and who did we see? CINDERELLA! I almost cried. Maybe it was the exhaustion, maybe it was the heat.
Emma meeting Cinderella for the first time.
 My princess and her favorite princess
 Tiana was next!
 Then Aurora
 I know, I should have jumped into the picture too.
It was a hot day and this is where Jackson wanted to be and all he wanted to do.
 We pulled funny faces at dinner.
 After dinner, we spent the evening at California Adventure.
 Emma and Ethan in their Mickey Mouse ears
 On our way into Disneyland the second day
 Back at California Adventure, we ran into two of my favorite brothers. Phineas and Ferb. We caught them doing a mini concert. I knew all their songs and sang along and even danced!
 Another hot day. Ethan's hair is wet cause he likes to pour water over his head when he gets hot.
 Emma chilled in the shade.
 Jackson in his Mickey Mouse ears.
 This kid had a great time.
 The Jungle Cruise.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Legoland 2014

Guess where we went? Yup! Legoland! On one of our many outings to McDonald's, we got a buy an adult ticket, get a kid ticket free to Legoland, and since we were going to be in California for Mike to run the Huntington Beach Ragnar, we thought, why not?
Ethan was super excited.
Looks like Jackson didn't care.
 This was a cool ride. There are water fountain things in near where the cars drive past and on-lookers can push a button to spray water in hopes to get a rider wet!
 Emma is tall, but still needs an adult on some rides.
 Jackson is just shy of the height limit on most rides, but the people at Legoland were okay with him going on them anyway. Thanks nice people!!
Jackson waving hello to me.
 This is a mini big shot or if you've been to Nickelodeon Universe in the Mall of America, it's a fly boat ride. My kids, Jackson especially, LOVED it!
 Oh boy! Who did we see? Darth Vader! (made of Legos) And Jackson ran up and gave him a hug.
 Emma gave hugs to R2-D2.
 Ethan was in HEAVEN with all the Legos and Star Wars...a great combo for this 8 year old!

 Of course we had to get a picture of our princess with Princess Lea!
 This mini Vader didn't get a hug from Jackson
 Me and Chewy
 Ancient Egypt
 The kids climbed into the Lego lion and stuck their heads out for an awesome picture.

 I loved riding rides with Emma. We have fun together. I love this little girl!
 And lastly, my smiley baby boy!
So, so, so much fun at Legoland. We even ran into some really cool relatives of mine. Next stop...Disneyland!!